Account Custom Fields

Custom fields are additional data fields that can be added to the development of new capabilities tailored to specific business needs.

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New fields can be added to Account Business object based on specific requirements.

There are 3 types of custom fields that can be added

  1. Time Series

  2. Aggregate

  3. Formula

Time Series custom field category : You can make a existing account field as time series and select to have additional attributes.

For example, you have a field - TotalActiveUsers which represents latest number of active users in an account and you want to see how this number of users have changed over a period of time.

Then you can define a custom field - ActiveUsersTimeSeries and also select additional attribute like Last 30 days average. AppEQ server will take a daily snapshot and calculate the last 30 days average.

Please note - you need to select only numeric field from the CRM.

How can above field be used?

This custom field can be used to show as a trend in Summary Widget or Dashboard or it can be used to configure Nudges and Playbooks like

If ActiveUsersTimeSeries < (80/100) * ActiveUsersTimeSeries_Last30DaysAverage then add Task for CSM ....

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