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Data Integration with AppEQ
Data Integration with AppEQ
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Simplified Data Integration with Enhancing Enterprise Efficiency

At the core of's product offering lies simplicity, aimed at streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. Our Data Integration module empowers Admin users to effortlessly configure integrations with just a few clicks, facilitating seamless data flow from various enterprise applications into AppEQ.

With AppEQ, users can seamlessly integrate data from a multitude of enterprise applications, ensuring a unified and holistic view of critical business information. Below, we outline the Enterprise Business Objects that are supported out of the box, along with the flexibility to configure custom business objects to meet specific organizational requirements.

Below are the Enterprise Business Objects supported out of the box, on top of the custom business objects that can be configured.

Business Objects

  1. Customer Accounts

  2. Opportunities / Deals

  3. Customer Tickets / Cases

  4. Customer Contacts

  5. Outstanding Invoices

  6. Net Promoter Score

  7. Product Usage

  8. Custom Business Objects

How do you get data corresponding to the above supported Business objects?

You can bring in data from other enterprise applications such as CRM ( Salesforce, Hubspot etc) , Helpdesk ( Zendesk, Freshdesk ) , Spreadsheet or Rest API.

Permission : Only System Admin users of AppEQ can access this panel.

Step1 - Navigate to the Data Settings Panel and Click on Data Source

Step 2 - Click on the Connect Button

Step 3 - Choose the Business Object & enter the required details

Step 4 - Authorise AppEQ to access the application.

On successful setup, you will get a notifcation and entry on the Data Source. The process of fetching data from the underlying system will take some time depending on the volume of data.

Typically, it should be over by the next 30 mins.

* Some of the enterprise applications require your to enable API Access specifically. Please refer to specific documentation for that.

Once the data connection and sync process is set up, AppEQ will check for periodic updates to give you a real time access to those data.

For any challenges during setup, please drop a note to

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