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Zendesk Integration with AppEQ
Zendesk Integration with AppEQ
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AppEQ provides Customer 360 Views to your customer-facing teams directly on top of their existing Apps like Inbox, CRM and Helpdesk etc.

AppEQ integrates with your Zendesk instance to pull the tickets details and brings to your team's Inbox both in Summarized View and Detail view.

This Zendesk integration is using Zendesk's API tokens. Below are the steps to be followed for the integration.

  1. Login to your Zendesk Instance as Administrator to generate the Zendesk API token.

    1. Click the Zendesk Products icon (

      ) in the top bar, then select Admin Center.

    2. In Admin Center, click

      Apps and integrations in the sidebar, then select APIs > Zendesk APIs.

    3. Click the Token Access toggle to enable API token access.

    4. To generate an API token, Click the Add API token button

      1. The token is generated and displayed.

      2. Enter an API token description.

      3. Copy the token and paste it somewhere secure. Once you close this window, the full token will never be displayed again.

      4. Click Save to return to the API page.

    5. Add the above Zendesk API Token in AppEQ

      1. Go to your AppEQ Dashboard at and Login

      2. After login, under the 'Data Source' Section, choose Ticket Business Object and click on the 'Add Source' icon.

      3. Choose Zendesk as your ticketing platform

      4. Enter your Zendesk Subdomain (this is part of the Zendesk URL), Zendesk Admin Email, Zendesk API Token and Click Submit

    6. Thats it! You will be able to fetch your tickets in the AppEQ Feeds Panel. To test:

      1. Click on the Feeds Icon in the AppEQ Browser Widget

      2. The AppEQ Feeds Widget will populate your Tickets from your Zendesk



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