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How to enable API Access / Permission in Salesforce
How to enable API Access / Permission in Salesforce
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In order to integrate with AppEQ with Salesforce, the System Admin who is setting up the AppEQ data integration should have enabled the API Access as part of Salesforce setup.

If you're a system administrator, you can easily verify or enable this setting for your users. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup: Look for the "Setup" menu within Salesforce.

  2. Search for User Profiles: In the top search bar, type "Profiles" and click on the matching option that appears below.

  3. Select the Relevant User Profile: Find the specific profile that applies to the user who needs the connection.

  4. Enable API Access: Scroll down to the "Administrative Permissions" section and locate the option labeled "API Enabled." Make sure this box is checked.

If you're not a system administrator, don't worry! Simply reach out to your admin team, and they can handle these administrative permissions steps for you.

Steps to enable API access / permission in Salesforce

Below 4 steps will enable apps to talk with your Salesforce instance through the API Interface.

Step 1 - Got to Salesforce Admin Setup

(scroll down to administrative permissions and check the api enabled box)

Step 2 - Go to Administration -->

Profiles and Choose the right profile to enable the API Access

Step 3 - Go to System Permissions

Step 4 - Search for API Enable and check the box & Save it

Once done, your Salesforce instance is enabled for the API Access for that Profile.

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